Congratulations to Shandong Lurun for being selected into the list of "specialized, specialized

  In recent years,with the gradual intensification of competition in the new round of scientific and technological revolution,and the increasingly urgent need to improve the stability and competitiveness of the industrial chain and supply chain,my country has also significantly increased its emphasis on"specialized,special and new"small and medium-sized enterprises.Recently,our company was successfully selected into the 2022 list of"Specialized,Specialized and New"small and medium-sized enterprises in Zibo City.

  "Professional,special and new"small and medium-sized enterprises are the best among the large group of small and medium-sized enterprises,and they are also important participants and loyal practitioners of the strategy of manufacturing a strong country and a technologically strong country.In China,a group of small and medium-sized enterprises bravely stand at the forefront of innovation and embark on a road of specialization,innovation and development.

  The so-called specialized,special and new small and medium-sized enterprises refer to small and medium-sized enterprises that achieve specialization,refinement,specialization,and outstanding innovation capabilities.Small and medium-sized enterprises,which account for 99%of the total number of enterprises,are an important support for China's economic resilience and employment resilience,and are also the key players to realize the independent and controllable industrial chain and supply chain.In recent years,China has cultivated a large number of specialized,refined and new small and medium-sized enterprises,which have provided strong support for promoting the upgrading of the industrial base,the modernization of the industrial chain,enhancing the competitive advantage of the manufacturing industry,and building a new development pattern.An important force in the supply chain of industrial chains with higher added value and more secure and controllable.