Warm congratulations to Lurun Plastic Industry for successfully being selected as a "Gazelle En

  Recently,Zibo Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of gazelle enterprises in Shandong Province in 2022.Shandong Lurun Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.was successfully selected as the"Gazelle Enterprise"in Zibo in 2022.

  Our company focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of a new generation of polymer composite manhole covers,rainwater grates,tunnel covers,cable trench covers,resin drainage ditches,new intelligent manhole covers,new dry toilets,composite auto parts and other products.The products have the advantages of high strength,high hardness,light weight,corrosion resistance,aging resistance,high temperature resistance and beautiful appearance,and are widely used in the national new infrastructure,railway,high-speed,coal mine oil exploitation,sponge city construction,smart city construction,underground pipe gallery,new energy vehicle supporting,dry toilet revolution supporting and other engineering fields;And maintain long-term strategic partnership with China Mobile,China Unicom,China Telecom,China Huaneng Energy,China Huadian,China Southern Power Grid,State Grid,China Resources Gas,Aude Gas,Ganghua Gas and many other well-known domestic enterprises and institutions.

  More and more Zibo enterprises have become innovation pioneers and industry leaders,which is inseparable from the strong atmosphere of encouraging and supporting innovation in our city."Gazelle"enterprises refer to excellent benchmarking enterprises that have crossed the valley of death in the entrepreneurial period,steadily entered the high growth period with the support of new technologies,new formats and new models,have outstanding comprehensive benefits,great industry influence,high social integrity,and strong demonstration drive,and play an obvious role and achieve remarkable results in leading the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises and promoting the development of the private economy.The greater the number of"gazelle"enterprises in a region,it often indicates that its economic development is more dynamic and motivated.

  In view of the fact that some enterprises do not have a deep understanding of the superior policies,the city actively organizes and carries out various training and upgrading activities for enterprises,accelerates the cultivation of a group of"specialized,specialized and new"enterprises that focus on market segments,focus on the main business,have strong innovation ability and good growth potential,and strive to improve the innovation ability and specialization level of small and medium-sized enterprises.The fertile soil for innovation fully stimulates the enthusiasm of enterprises for innovation and creation.In the next step,the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology will focus on new technologies,new industries,new formats and new models,continue to increase policy support and cultivation support for"gazelle"enterprises,promote innovation,capital,talents and other elements to gather in"specialized,specialized and new"enterprises,and continuously expand the echelon of high-growth innovative enterprises with the characteristics of fast growth,strong innovation ability,new professional fields and great development potential,and further accelerate the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

  Winning the honorary title of"Gazelle"Enterprise in Zibo City is another gratifying achievement for the company to improve its independent innovation ability and take the road of differentiation,specialization and refined development.The company will continue to make unremitting efforts,continue to accelerate the improvement of independent innovation capabilities,steadily expand the scale of operation,improve business efficiency,make the enterprise bigger and stronger,and contribute more to the economic development of the province.