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Good news! Warm congratulations to our company for winning the honor of "High-tech Enterprise&q

  2023 is a new year,and Shandong Lurun Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.has also embarked on a new journey.At the end of 2022,Shandong Lurun was successfully recogni

Warm congratulations to Lurun Plastic Industry for successfully being selected as a "Gazelle En

  Recently,Zibo Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of gazelle enterprises in Shandong Province in 2022.Shandong Lurun Plastic In

handong Lurun Plastic Industry was successfully selected into the list of "specialized, special

  In recent years,the innovation capabilities and development resilience of my country's"specialized,special and new"SMEs have been continuously enhanced,

Shandong Lurun Plastic Industry was successfully selected into the 2022 Zibo City "Specialized,

  Small and medium-sized enterprises are the basic cells of the national economy,with small and micro activities,prosperous employment and prosperous economy.

Congratulations to Shandong Lurun for being selected into the list of "specialized, specialized

  In recent years,with the gradual intensification of competition in the new round of scientific and technological revolution,and the increasingly urgent need

Building a strong brand and building a dream for the future | Shandong Lurun Plastic Industry was se

  Brand is the intangible wealth of enterprises,but also an important force in the competition of comprehensive national strength,it is precisely aware of thi