handong Lurun Plastic Industry was successfully selected into the list of "specialized, special

  In recent years,the innovation capabilities and development resilience of my country's"specialized,special and new"SMEs have been continuously enhanced,and the overall operating situation is good.

  "Professional,special and new"has become a hot topic in the news during the"two sessions"of the country this year."Efforts to cultivate'specialized,special and new'enterprises"was written into the government work report for the first time,proposing to give strong support in terms of funds,talents,and incubation platform construction,etc.competition.

  The soul of"specialization,special innovation"is innovation.At the current stage of my country's economic development,scientific and technological innovation is not only a problem of development,but also a problem of survival.We need a large number of"specialized and new"small and medium-sized enterprises like invisible champions.Only in this way can we connect"breakpoints",clear"blockage points",improve the resilience of the industrial chain supply chain,and solve the"stuck neck"problem to the greatest extent.

  Small and medium-sized enterprises are the new force of national economic and social development,and are also an important carrier for expanding employment,improving people's livelihood,and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.It is striving to become one of the"hard core"forces for the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Zibo City.